Is Everyone on The Walking Dead Stupid?

THE-WALKING-DEADWARNING: Spoilers for The Walking Dead up to Season 4, Episode 11.

I used to be a huge fan of The Walking Dead. It’s just about the only reason I’m still watching the show. Every character on the show seems to be growing stupider.

In the comics, the characters learn things from experience. In the TV show, people seem to be forgetting things as they progress.

New characters come into the show with an amazing lack of skills. They do things that make no sense. People ignore the fact that zombies exist. They leave their doors open, practically inviting themselves to get bitten. They have arguments where they ignore the zombies creeping up behind them. They start campfires out in the open, for feck’s sake.

andreaThe show seems to be suffering from the constant showrunner changes. There seems to be a lot of lazy writing going around, with no overarching plot or ideas. Season three brought it into sharp contrast with Andrea.

In the comics, Andrea is a badass. In the TV show, she seems not to know how to tie her own shoelaces. Unfortunately for the writers, they killed her off in the third season.

So now, since there’s no Andrea, everyone is stupid! Yay!

Every character now seems to make idiotic decisions on a minute-by-minute basis. They make a lot of noise, run into areas with high grass/corn, stand and fight when they could just run away.

I didn’t think it could get to this point, but The Walking Dead has gotten to the level of Heroes season 2. With so many great shows on TV, I just don’t think I can watch this train wreck any more. It’s gone from guilty pleasure to actually aggravating me with how bad it is.

I’m just going to read the graphic novels again instead. As depressing as they are, at least those characters aren’t complete idiots.


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