It’s Not So Bad

Violent Science (ebook)About a week ago I wrote how I’d experimented on Violent Science and ended up with a lot of rewriting to do. I’ve now gotten about 90% of the way through my first pass on the book and I may have overreacted a little.

The first few chapters were almost rewritten from scratch, as they didn’t match the story I ended up telling. After that, however, there was less and less to rewrite. I still think my books are easier to write when I plan extensively, but the story now makes a lot more sense.

Something else has come up, which I’ve noticed before: the action scenes are pretty much there as they are. They’re also the scenes I write quickly, as I get into the middle of the battle and my fingers start flying. Which is something other authors have noticed too: that the faster they write, the closer it is to the finished book.

I just have the last three chapters left to write, and it’s also going to be a very short book. I’d estimated about 55 thousand words, but I reckon it will be about 50 thousand now, since I’m nearly done. Just like Hard Vacuum and Planet Zero, it’s a big, dumb 80s movie of a book. There’s a lot of action and comedy, with Kyra fighting more bad guys.

Most people say they read the Kyra Sarin books in a single sitting, tearing through the pages, and I hope this will be a similar experience.

As an aside, I also played Far Cry 4 in the last few weeks, and the god in that game is called Kyra šŸ™‚


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