John Carter

John CarterI knew very little about John Carter before catching it on Netflix. I knew that it tanked at the box office. I knew that fans of the book didn’t like it much. I knew that people didn’t like it all that much in general.

However, I’m a sucker for sci-fi. Even poor sci-fi has me hooked, so I decided to check it out.

The haters are wrong, in my opinion. This was an incredibly fun film and I loved it. Filled with a lot of humour and action, John Carter is well over two hours long but doesn’t feel like it. Carter himself zips from action scene to action scene without it ever getting repetitive.

The aliens in the movie were great too. The Tharks and the zippy dog thing were great fun (I realise fans of the book are probably horrified that I misspelled something there).

I’ve never read the book. Maybe if I had, I’d be horrified too. This wasn’t anything ground breaking. It wasn’t anything that will redefine the genre. It was a thoroughly enjoyable adventure movie with a satisfying ending.

The only downside I could point to would be the bad guys. They were very one-dimensional. They’re pretty much there to motivate the hero. However, it didn’t stop me enjoying this movie from start to finish. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes fast moving action-comedies, or anyone who loves sci-fi.


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