Last Chance to Grab “The Bite of Forest Dark” for Half Price

The Bite of Forest Dark (3D)The Bite of Forest Dark came out today! The fourth book in the Bytarend series, everything has gone a little dark for Bytarend as winter looms and brings Caedin Tegart with it.

Caedin is an honourable man, who believes in traditional values and will punish anyone who dares besmirch the gods. He’s a cruel, vicious man, who both my editor and I agree is a total git.

There’s only one person that can stand in his way – Jenni Styrm, the duchess of Bytarend. She doesn’t have any soldiers at her back, or any power other than what she gives herself. All she has is her mind to defeat Tegart and his men.

Grab a copy before it goes up in price in a few hours time:


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