Legendary Author Battles Episode 1 – Simon Cantan versus Dave Higgins

MusicLegendary Author Battles #1

In Legendary Author Battles, two authors exchange emails back and forth, creating a story and each trying to outwit the other. The challenger represents the villain, the defender represents the hero.

Once the story is complete, the two authors read out the story on camera and the result is a Legendary Author Battle.

The challenger this week is Simon Cantan. Check out Simon Cantan’s website: http://SimonCantan.com
And why not grab a copy of his funny fantasy novel, “The Bite on the End of the Line” for free on Amazon: http://smarturl.it/amznbtrnd

The defender this week is Dave Higgins. Make sure to check out Dave Higgin’s website: http://davidjhiggins.wordpress.com/
And grab a copy of “Fauxpocalyse”, a post-apocalyptic short story collection, featuring Dave: http://smarturl.it/amzn_faux


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