Legendary Author Battles Episode 3 – Simon Cantan vs Crissy Moss

This weeks episode follows Melody Morin, a milkmaid who doesn’t know that she has magical powers. When Earl Colton comes to town and wants to kill her to take her powers, Melody will have to fight with everything she’s got.

The episode features the extremely talented Crissy Moss, a very prolific fantasy author. I’ve previously reviewed Crissy’s book Forgotten Ones here. Make sure you pick up a copy. I also read and very much enjoyed her compendium of short stories, Small Bites, which I reviewed over on Amazon. If you haven’t read any of Crissy’s stories before, I’d highly recommend picking up a copy of Small Bites.

As usual, you can pick up a copy of “The Bite on the End of the Line” for free here. If you like silly humour, you’ll adore “The Bite on the End of the Line”.


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