Legendary Author Battles is Changing

Square channel artI’ve just finished editing the fourth Legendary Author battle, which will be going up shortly. In the four episodes we’ve recorded, I’ve learned a lot of things:

Firstly, the stories have been amazing fun to make, in my humble opinion. Creating a story by emailing another author back and forth is a lot of fun and easy to do.

Secondly, reading the stories out adds to the fun. I like acting, so reading out a story I’ve written and putting some drama into it is fun too.

Thirdly, the major negative is video recording and editing. You need to have good lighting, a decent camera and spend a lot of time editing it to make a good video.

Fourthly, from the feedback I’ve gotten, the video is a distraction. People are looking at the things happening in the background and not the author. Even when people watch the author, it’s just someone reading a story. There isn’t much to see.

Fifthly, the episodes need to be more frequent. When there’s a long gap between episodes, people lose interest.

Lastly, authors are intimidated by the camera and the time investment. Writers are not known as the most outgoing people in the world and everyone is busy.

Due to all of these factors, I’m tweaking the format of Legendary Author Battles pretty dramatically. From now on, there will be no video of the authors. Instead, there will be a title card with the author’s picture on it.

Also, it won’t necessarily be the author themselves reading it out. An author can find someone else to read it, or I will read it for them.

That’s it. Those are the huge changes. They might not seem like much, but I think they’ll dramatically change the show. I hope you continue to enjoy listening to the stories. The podcast will remain largely unaltered, as it’s the video component that’s changing.

Thanks for reading and watching,



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