Lots of things, including “The Bite of Justice”

First up, I finished “The Bite of Justice” last Friday and it’s now part of The Bite of Minds: http://simoncantan.com/the-bite-omnibus-one/

The Bite of Justice is the story of Magus trying to defend the lifeleeches, who are on trial for a hundred years of murder. Can Magus stop them from hanging for their crimes?

Secondly, “The Bite on the End of the Line” was featured on BookBlast and Kindle Fire Department on Saturday. Which led to a massive uptick in the downloads of that book and a few new reviews on Amazon. So far, the book is at 4.5 stars with 12 reviews, which I am thrilled with.

Thirdly and lastly, this month I will be planning the books I’ll writing next year. Here’s a little taster of what they’re about (subject to change):

1 – The Bite of Death: An assassin arrives in Bytarend giving Tondbert an ultimatum. Either he submits to die or his mother and sister will be killed. Tondbert ends up on a breakneck quest to rescue his family from the evil Thief King Brandon.

2 – Shiny Iron Curtain: The sequel to Shiny New Swindle. The NCP is under a new threat from CivilWar. No longer able to control any of the NCP citizens, he’s turned to the Russo-Chinese Coalition, hacking all of them at once. Two billion people just turned and started marching towards the NCP. Can new police recruit Chris save the NCP once again?

3 – Shiny Old Glory: There’s only one way to save the NCP from the US and that’s to go on the offensive. How can Chris and his friends possibly cope when they travel to the non-implant ready US?

4 – Greenstar: Anton is frozen and wakes to find himself in the 35th Century. He finds out that after he died, his son wrote books about his adventures as a space captain. So naturally he finds himself captaining a starship. The only problem being that he was actually a space engineer and has no idea what he’s doing.

5 – Personal Gods: Everyone gets their own personal god when they turn seventeen. A god that you can see when you pray, that can talk to you and help you. The only problem being the personal demon you get when you turn 30.

6 – The Male Curse: Queen Isodora has just conquered another nation, the fourth in a row. However, a group of magicians kidnap her and transform her into a man. How can she possibly stay in power when she now has all of the male curses: Anger; Lust; Envy; And male breasts for feeding babies. Can she stay in power, despite her sudden disability?


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