Lucid Dreaming with the Aurora

AuroraI ran across a new product that has been successfully Kickstarted today: The Aurora Dream-Enhancing Headband

If you’re not familiar with lucid dreaming, a lucid dream is when you realise that you’re dreaming. Once you know you’re dreaming, you can control the dream and do whatever you want.

Essentially, a lucid dream is the ultimate in virtual reality. Your brain is already capable of creating realistic situations in your dreams, but in a lucid dream, you could decide what happens.

Up until now, there have been various techniques for realising that you’re dreaming while you’re still asleep. One, for instance, involves drawing a spot on the back of your hand. While you’re awake, you constantly check the spot. When you fall asleep, as a habit you may check for the spot and it will be gone. Since that will be associated with realising you’re dreaming, you can then begin to control your dream.

I don’t know if the Aurora works. It’s only in the prototype stage. They do have a very optimistic shipping date of June, so I may just pick one up and try it out. The price is estimated at $100.

The added benefit of this device is that it wakes you when you’ll easiest be able to wake. As someone who requires multiple clicks of the snooze button, this would also be welcome.


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