“Mad Max: Fury Road” Review

Mad MaxI’ve been so impatient waiting for this movie to come out on iTunes. I must have seen Mad Max 2 & 3 a half dozen times each, so when I heard the new film was good, I was chomping at the bit to see it. When it came out in the cinema, however, there was just too much else going on to get a chance to see it.

So yesterday, as soon as it hit the online stores, I grabbed a copy. As an indication of how much I loved this movie, just looking at the image on the left makes me want to see it all over again. It’s spectacular.

Fury Road is a two hour long chase movie, but what a chase. There’s such variety in it and the crashes are so intense, that it never gets boring. And the cinematography is incredible. There was one aerial shot, flying over the pursuers and on to the pursued, that had me giggling with glee.

The cast are all excellent. There isn’t a weak performance among them, but the standout for me was Nicholas Hoult. He’s been great in everything I’ve seen him in, and as Nux he was really amazing. Any discussion of Nux’s story might give a spoiler, so I’ll just say I hope to see Hoult in a lot more things in future.

My only niggle in the entire film came in the start. Immortan Joe’s facemask makes understanding him a little difficult. However, there’s very little dialogue in the movie, so it didn’t matter much later on.

I’ve seen that there’s already a sequel planned called Mad Max: The Wasteland and I can’t wait to see it. I may burst waiting two years or more for it to arrive.

I give Mad Max: Fury Road 5/5 stars and would highly recommend grabbing a copy. It may well be my film of the year.

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