Masters of Sex Season 1, Episode 4 – Thank You for Coming

WARNING: Spoilers for Masters of Sex Season 1, Episode 4

Masters of SexThis was a slow episode without anything much happening.

Bill’s mother comes to visit, as Libby is now heavily pregnant. We get to see the circumstances that made Bill as fastidious as he is. His father was abusive, both verbally and physically.

At the same time, a patient asks Bill to perform a sterilisation so that she doesn’t have to have any more children. The reason being that her husband is also abusive to their children. Bill informs her that he needs her husbands consent to sterilise her. Which is kind of an eye-opener. – that women back then were almost the property of their husbands.

Meanwhile, Virginia’s husband comes to visit. He’s a musician, still trying to make a living through music at presumably around forty. Libby’s husband George then signs up for the study, which is back in full swing. Albeit without couples.

Otherwise, we got to see more of Ethan’s self-destructive behaviour over losing Virginia. He operates while heavily drunk, which these days would lose your medical license for good, but back then appears to be fine. I don’t understand why he wouldn’t call Masters in, instead of him.

As I said, not much happened in this episode, so I’m hoping the next one livens up a little.


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