Masters of Sex Season 1, Episode 7 – All Together Now

WARNING: Spoilers for Masters of Sex Season 1, Episode 7

Masters of SexThis episode seemed to be about couples in crisis. All of the various couples on the show seem to be going through their tribulations.

Provost Scully and his wife Margaret’s marriage is a fascinating study in failed societal norms. From the modern day perspective, of course, the fear, anger and isolation faced by homosexuals in the 1950s seems like it should be from the caveman days. The sad fact being that cavemen probably behaved better.

Margaret has finally found someone with whom she can truly connect in Langham. The problem being that any whiff of commitment sends him running the other way.

Meanwhile, Bill and Virginia have begun taking part in the study in earnest. They begin to try different positions and map the results. The look Virginia has at the end, when she sees her reflection in the window is difficult to read. The apparent reason is that she’s becoming emotionally attached to Bill.

After helping Bill to rekindle his marriage with Libby, she might be having more than just clinical thoughts about Bill. It’s possible she helped Bill with his marriage in order to avoid him becoming romantically entangled. The only problem being that when she succeeds, she’s driven him away from her.

Ethan seems to be throwing himself into his relationship with Vivian. He breaks down and tells her about his previous relationship with Virginia in an apparent final push to rid himself of his love for her. You’d have to wonder if it’s going to be any more successful than his attempts to shag the pain away.

This was a very soap operaish kind of episode. Which seems to be what the show has become. While the study does play a minor role, the real focus is the relationships between the cast. That’s not to say that it’s become boring, it’s just different to what I expected at the start of the season. In a lesser show, I might have gotten bored and given up, but this show has kept me entertained so far. I look forward to the last few episodes of the season.


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