Mixtape for week 15, 2013

I get bored of music easily. Which means I’m always looking for new sounds, new types of music, anything to keep me engaged. I listen to a lot of music, so why not let me act as your filter to the best in little known/new music and the occasional, well known stand-by.

This week, my top ten are:

1. Chiddy Bang – Mind Your Manners – feat. Icona Pop

Hip-hop. An upbeat song with a nice chorus.

2. Grandaddy – A.M. 180

Rock with electronic elements. Has some great guitar.

3. Bentcousin – I Think I Like Your Girlfriend More Than You

Indie. A song with great lyrics. Is quite reminiscent of Lily Allen.

4. Cold Mailman – My Recurring Dream

Indie. A fantastic song that rolls along.

5. Django Django – Default

Rock/Indie. May not be for everyone, but I like its quirkiness.

6. Drake – The Motto

Hiphop. Drake is a great rapper, but this track in particular flows very well.

7. The Velvet Underground – Venus In Furs

Slow rock. An oldie, but with a very catchy tune that I’ve been listening to a lot lately.

8. Generationals – Say For Certain

Indie. A good song with a catchy bass line.

9. Metric – Lost Kitten

Rock. Metric are one of my favourite bands and this track in particular doesn’t get old. In my opinion Metric are underrated and should be up there with The Arctic Monkeys. A catchy tune with great lyrics.

10. Matt Berry – Accident At A Harvest Festival

Acoustic/Folk. Comedian Matt Berry is also an extremely talented song-writer and musician, as this track demonstrates. The song is a great tune which borders on moving to slower rock, but I’d put this in the folk category. His catalog is quite limited, but well worth a listen.


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