Mixtape for week 23, 2013

An electronic week this week, with a mixture of dance, dubstep and slower electronica:

Bassnectar – Breathless

Genre: Dance


A dance song, with uplifting vocals, that is light and catchy.

Kazzer – Pedal To The Metal

Genre: Rock

Info: A fast moving little rock song that sounds a lot like Limp Bizkit. What it does isn’t particularly original, but it’s still worth a listen.

Yuksek – Tonight

Genre: Electronic

Info: Sounding a lot like video-game music from the 80s/90s, this is a refreshing throwback to earlier electronica.

Crookers – Mad Kidz

Genre: Electronic

Info: A rhythmic, hypnotic tune that varies around a theme and keeps you listening until the very end.

Fake Blood – Phantom Power

Genre: Electronic

Info: The second week in a row that Fake Blood have been on the list, but the quality of this track can’t be denied. It sounds almost like a 60s throwback in places.

Mustard Pimp – Rock

Genre: Electronic

Info: Are you ready to rock? Every time I hear the chorus, I think of “Galaxy Quest” and the small aliens with the pointy teeth.

Eek-A-Mouse – Ganja Smuggling

Genre: Reggae

Info: A dramatic change of gear to some nice, mellow reggae from Eek-A-Mouse.

Violent Femmes – Blister In The Sun

Genre: Indie

Info: An off-tempo song that’s been in countless movies and ad campaigns. Still as catchy as ever, though.

Tame Impala – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

Genre: Indie

Info: A dreamlike, whirling song that makes me feel like I’m half asleep.

Anti-Flag – The Press Corpse

Genre: Punk

Info: And just to wake me up again, the fast moving song “The Press Corpse”.


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