Mixtape for week 26, 2013

A full week of tunes this week in the playlist, with a mixture of instrumental and electronic sounds, along with the usual hip-hop and rock:

Bear McCreary – Prayer to Saint Michael (feat. Raya Yarbrough)

Genre: Choral

Info: An old fashioned choral song from the TV show, Da Vinci’s Demons. If you haven’t checked out the show yet, make sure to do so, it’s excellent.

Michael Nyman – Bird List – Live

Genre: Instrumental

Info: The always excellent Michael Nyman with a catchy soundtrack tune.

Chuckie – Let The Bass Kick In Miami Bitch – Radio Edit

Genre: Dance

Info: It’s rare that mash-ups improve on the original songs, but this one is a nice mix.

Tiësto – Maximal Crazy (Radio Edit)

Genre: Dance

Info: Hopping and jumping dance tune to get you moving.

Knife Party – Body Shop

Genre: Rock

Info: A kicking rock tune.

Dead Man’s Bones – Pa Pa Power

Genre: Electronic

Info: A strange tune with a mixture of crowd singing and electronic backing. The almost spoken word lead vocals give an every weirder twist to the song, but it works.

The Lonely Island – I Run NY

Genre: Hip-hop

Info: This song by Lonely Island has grown on me, mostly due to the emphasis on certain lyrics.

Danny Brown – Grown Up

Genre: Hip-hop

Info: I never realised just how much hip-hop I listen to until I started making these lists. I just think hip-hop is one of the few genres doing anything unique these days.

Riff Raff – Orions Belt

Genre: Hip-hop

Info: A soulful, lonely cry underlying the rap lead makes a strange, interesting listen.

Kölsch – Opa

Genre: Electronic

Info: A catchy little tune.


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