More Adventures in Book Advertising

Hard Vacuum 1 (3D)Yesterday I wrote about my experiences so far with Facebook advertising. From that post, I figured that each reader was costing me about 29 cents. Later on that day, I was featured in The Fussy Librarian, an email service that lets readers know about free and bargain books. I thought I’d share the results of that.

The first thing I’d like to say is that The Fussy Librarian is one of my favourite book promotion sites because of the feedback and enthusiasm they have. They’re very much an up-and-coming site, but the effort they’re putting in really shows.

Last time I advertised with them, the results were so-so, leading to a few dozen sales, but nothing off the charts. This time my ad for “Hard Vacuum 1” led to 205 more downloads than usual (the book is permanently free). This was at a cost of $16.

That works out at 8 cents per reader. The Hard Vacuum series has much better reader retention, as well, because I wrote it later on (so I was a better writer). It usually hits 10-12% retention. However there’s only one other book in the series and it’s 99 cents. There’s a plan for more, but that’s the current situation.

So overall, for such a short series, it isn’t worth it. However, once I have a third book, it becomes worth it. If I assume people will read the third one when it comes out, as well, it might be worth it right now too. With one more book, it would cost 80 cents for a reader to book two and $1.60 to book three, which will net me $2.74. So that’s profitable almost right away. Books four and beyond would be straight profit.

I’ve been considering these kinds of calculations more and more recently. In the early days I just wanted someone to read my books and enjoy them, but I’m now looking at how I can recoup my marketing money to roll it over. I want to be getting new readers all year round, not just the few times I can afford to advertise otherwise. If I can find something that recoups the investment consistently, then I’ll be able to really build up my readership.


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