My first run-in with piracy

Edit: Since writing this article, Behance took down the user’s profile. I wasn’t aware of Behance before, but it seems like it’s a site for artists to share their portfolios with each other and the world. I certainly can’t fault them for what happened, as the site is not set up for piracy.


I was just checking my Google Alerts, as any good narcassist does, and I came across this:

Someone has uploaded my book to a file sharing site for free download.

Unfortunately, it’s all too common and it’s probably to be expected. For instance, out of the people in my office, I’m the only one arguing that piracy is theft. Most people I know download TV shows and movies on a daily basis. The arguments against it have been made a million times, just as the spurious arguments for it. That’s not what I really want to go into here.

Mostly, I’d like to give my personal perspective on this. Obviously I’m not losing millions through this link. As far as I can see, she’s only gotten 3 downloads of the pirated version.

However, personally, it’s not about the money as much as the principle. Here’s where I might sound like a whiner, but I worked really hard on that book. I’m only writing part-time, so I sacrificed my evenings and weekends to write the best book I could. I went over it and over it until every spelling error I could find was excised. I lost sleep and I stressed out when I published it.

That’s only as it should be. Publishing a book should be a serious undertaking. All I’m asking in return is a little money. At the moment, the book is on sale for 99 cents. Of that, I see about 35 cents. The book should take about 5-6 hours to read. Is 16 cents per hour of entertainment that much to ask?

What if you don’t like it? I have my sample size set to 50% everywhere I’m allowed to. If you read half the book and then buy it, I’m guessing you have a pretty good idea if you’re going to like the second half.

What if you want to lend it to a friend? My book is DRM free. You can lend it to anyone you want. I’d encourage you too. I’d love for you to tell and show your friends my book. Lend it to twenty friends. I’d just ask that you lend it to friends, not give it away freely on a pirate website.

I keep my prices low and my work quality high for my readers. I hope that the majority of people don’t mind paying a little of their hard-earned money to help me continue to do so.


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