New book: Shiny New Swindle

I’ve just published my new book, “Shiny New Swindle”:


Everyone and their Grandmother has an implant. Without them nothing works.

Doors won’t open, cars won’t drive, there aren’t any roadsigns any more. Why bother when you can tell peoples’ implants to draw them in? And every ReadyNet implant comes with one piece of technology that guarantees they can’t be hacked. A filter that hasn’t been bypassed in fifteen years – the hardwall.

It’s been completely unhackable… until now. Chris and his friends have found a way through, and now they can do anything. Chris can paint the background over your eyes, rendering him invisible. Erika can tell you anything she likes, and you’ll believe every word. Max can tap you, and you’ll think you’ve been punched by a heavyweight. Hailey can flip a switch, and you’ll be asleep before you can blink.


And for a limited time, you can read it for free. Check out where you can read the book absolutely free in exchange for an honest review.

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    • That’s some excellent feedback right there, Michael. I’m putting in an explanation of why they get patched out right now.

      Also, to answer your question in the review – I am planning more books set in this world. Watch this space 🙂

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