New Short Stories Co-Authored with Dave Higgins

A Long Line of Fishermen Recycle or Die

A couple of months ago, I started a new video show called “Legendary Author Battles”:

The show has been a roaring success, with a number of entertaining stories coming from the battles. Dave Higgins and I thought that we might try turning the two battles we’ve done into short stories. Those stories are now available here.

“A Long Line of Fishermen” is a sombre steampunk tale about a kidnapped little girl being forced to work in a gold mine deep underground. The other children say that they’ve heard scratching, but what could be scratching so far underground.

“Recycle or Die!” is the polar opposite in terms of stories. A ridiculous, comedic tale of the battle against ecological aliens and the evils of recycling.

You can read both stories for free here, along with my other free short stories.


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