Preorders Now Available for “Violent Science”

Kyra fans have been waiting a year for the new book in the series, and now it’s less than three months away. Hard Vacuum was a surprise hit for me two years ago, with an ending that demanded a sequel. Little did I suspect just how popular that sequel would be.

I changed the name of the sequel a few weeks ago to Planet Zero, which was in preparation for writing the third book in the series. Violent Science is that book. Just like the first two, there’s going to be lots of action, swearing, and even more Kyra.

I won’t say much about the plot of Violent Science, since I haven’t finished writing it yet. My focus is on another non-stop thrill ride, though.

The preorders are available in the usual places:



PS. A recent review said the reader took the first book on the plane to pass the time and had finished it by the time the meal arrived. That had me grinning, because it’s a heck of a compliment 🙂

PPS. There’s a lot more Pete in this one, for Pete fans.



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