Pundit Podcast #6 – Bad Movies We Like Anyway

Juggers12Growing up in the 80s and 90s, Mike and I were often faced with limited choices when we visited the video store. Get there early and you had your choice of the newest releases. Two hours later, the choices dramatically dwindled.

Which meant we watched a much broader spectrum of movies than we might nowadays. Some of those movies were absolute dross, but a few managed to break through the limits of budget, location or time to bring us real gems.

Or at least we thought they were gems. Sometimes, a movie can hit you at just the right time, just when you’re ready for that kind of movie.

Or you can cheat and have Rutger Hauer in it, who is just badass awesome. The movies on our list are far from Oscar winning, world-changing art, but we still liked them.

Apologies for the loss of picture on Mike’s end, but hey, it improved the sound, so swings and roundabouts.


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