Reader Discovery

PublishingI’ve been running a contest for my list to win a free paperback and, as the sole entry requirement, I asked people to tell me how they first heard about me.

The answer was surprising, at least to me. Almost everyone found me by browsing Kindle free books. I’ve run BookSends, ENT and other ads, but none of them entered the contest at least.

It shouldn’t be all that surprising, of course. Amazon is the biggest marketplace for books and the most likely place to find someone wanting to read a book. I’ve also seen that permanently free books are the best way to get new readers. Still, that shows that chart placement and keywords are not just important, but vital.

The other thing people have mentioned is that they only read a single series. I have four series out, but most people only care about one of them. It seems also that sci-fi people are tending not to read fantasy and vice-versa. There are people reading both, of course, but they seem to be in the minority.

I’ve heard that from other writers before, who have had a successful series and then the next series doesn’t sell. It is a little bit of a concern, though, that the momentum I’ve built on one series won’t carry over to the next.


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