Review of “All You Need is Kill – The Graphic Novel”

All-You-Need-Is-Kill Graphic novelSince I’ve already read and reviewed “All You Need is Kill” and watched and recorded a comparison for “Edge of Tomorrow”, I figured why not finish the set and read the graphic novel adaptation of “All You Need is Kill”?

Last night, I did just that. I’m afraid I was kind of disappointed with the book. Firstly, and most importantly, this wouldn’t work for anyone that hasn’t read the original novel. It’s essentially a series of only vaguely related panels that don’t really explain what’s happening.

I understand the problem. Obviously drawing panels for a story is expensive and time consuming. Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s book has a lot of stuff in it to cover. So the graphic novel has to jump quite quickly from point to point to get everything in.

Which is a problem as it’s very short. It only took me about twenty minutes to get through. I would class this more as a double issue comic than a graphic novel at 96 pages long.

So overall, I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone that hasn’t already read the novel. However, if you think of the graphic novel as being a series of fan art pictures of what scenes from the novel would look like, then it becomes a lot more satisfying.

I had trouble imagining the aliens from the novel and their weapons. While this is about a million kilometres from what I imagined, it was still interesting to see someone else’s picture of it. The same is true for the exoskeletons. The art style is good, nicely drawn and coloured.

The text is a little below par, though, in my opinion. It’s a difficult skill to sum up a scene in a few short phrases, but this book missed the mark for me.

Overall, I give “All You Need is Kill – The Graphic Novel” two stars out of five, which is three out of five on Amazon, meaning that it was okay.

You can check out my video review of the original novel and my comparison video between the novel and the film below:


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