Review of “Black Sails” Season 2

Black SailsI watched (and reviewed) Black Sails season one last year and enjoyed it overall. It was a silly show, but with lots of action, so it was easy to like. So when season two premiered on HBO Nordic, I was looking forward to some more pirate action.

I was sorely disappointed. Season two took what was great about season one and got rid of it almost entirely (action, swashbuckling, a sense that anyone can die). And they replaced all of that action with talking and flashbacks.

Endless talking and flashbacks. If this review was an episode of Black Sails, I’d be telling you again how I watched season one last year.

Every conversation was repeated over and over. The only saving graces from the season were Tadgh Murphy playing Ned Low and the trio of Rackham, Max and Bonny.

Black Sails is on very thin ice with me now. If season three starts with talking, I won’t be watching anymore. Check out my video review below for a spoiler filled complaints session.



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