Review of “Dragon Age: Inquisition”

Dragon_Age_Inquisition_BoxArtI’m the biggest Mass Effect fan, but when I played Dragon Age: Origins a few years ago, I couldn’t really get into it. I’ve always been more of a science-fiction fan than fantasy, and Origins just didn’t have enough to drag me in. I finished the game, but it was only a distraction until the next Mass Effect came out.

Happily, I was completely sucked into Dragon Age: Inquisition after a few hours and never looked back.

Dragon Age: Inquisition takes place in a huge fantasy world, where the game is divided up into about fifteen areas. Each of those areas is massive, containing all kinds of different quests and stories.

Unlike other games, even the fetch quests and collectibles didn’t feel like make-work. They all had a purpose to them, albeit an invented purpose.

The characters also were deep and had meaningful interactions with one another. I chose Sera, Cassandra and Varric ninety percent of the time and by the end Sera and Varric had become good friends. I’m not sure if that happens no matter who you choose in your party, but it felt very realistic to me.

On the romance side, I always play as a lesbian woman character in Bioware games, so I tried my hand at romancing Sera. Jeez is she picky. The amount of times I heard, “I like you, yeah, but let’s travel around and get to know each other a bit more.” In the end, it just never happened.

Bioware has removed the approval bar from the game, but not really. It’s there, but hidden. So there’s no way of knowing if you’re ever going to stand a chance with the object of your character’s affections. And I couldn’t find a way to win Sera’s approval anywhere.

Blackwall kept falling all over me, but I had no interest in him whatsoever (Since he’s a dude).

Overall, I spent sixty hours in DA:I and could easily have spent more. In a way, the game is dangerously good. When I have books to get ready, it was all too easy to go back into the game and kill a dragon or help an old man put flowers on his wife’s grave. Which is what Bioware do so well: Make worlds that feel real.

I know I’ll pick up the next Dragon Age now, which I might not have said before. I’ll even put up with the crappy EA Origin system to play it. I give Dragon Age Inquisition 5/5 stars, meaning that I absolutely adored it. Go grab a copy now:



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