Review of “First Kill” by Gregory Lynn

First KillFirst up, my usual confession when I know the author. Greg and I are friends on Google+. While I always make an effort to avoid letting knowing an author colour my reviews, I like to point the fact out.

Oh my gosh am I jealous of Gregory Lynn’s writing style. This is only his second published novella after the first Kill School novella. Yet the books are told in a light, easy going manner that just flies by. They reminded me an awful lot of the Stainless Steel Rat books, and I loved those.

The novellas follow Hobbes, a goblin, who after getting in trouble with the law, is recruited as an assassin. Hobbes is bigger than the average goblin, so is well able to handle himself.

Hobbes is a great protagonist and easy to like. He tells the story in a humourous and winning manner and the first half of the book zipped along.

However, First Kill has a flaw that I’d be remiss not to point out. It is a spoiler for the end of the book, though, so skip the next paragraph if you want to be entirely spoiler free.

Spoiler for the ending

Hobbes isn’t there when the assassination goes down. He’s the distraction. Which means that we don’t get to see the ending for the story. Instead, we get a short summary of what happened from Hobbes point of view. While it’s very entertaingly written, it was disappointing to not have a proper ending to the tale.

The ending didn’t ruin the whole story for me, though. Despite it being less than satisfactory, the style itself had already won me over. And this is just a novella in a planned series of nine. I just hope that the next seven have more of a pay-off.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the novella and am looking forward to reading the next ones. I take off one star for the ending, but Gregory Lynn is an author to watch if you like light hearted action books. I give First Kill 4/5 stars (5/5 on Amazon), meaning that I really liked it.

You can pick up a copy on Amazon here:

Kill School 1

Kill School 2


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