Review of “Fool’s Ride” by John L Monk

Fool's rideI read Kick a few weeks ago and reviewed it here. I enjoyed it so much that I immediately bought the sequel, Fool’s Ride.

Fool’s Ride kicks off with a bang. For anyone unfamiliar, the Jenkins Cycle books follow Dan Jenkins, who committed suicide and now comes back from the dead to inhabit the bodies of bad guys and right what they’re doing wrong. He jumps into the bodies of murderers, drug dealers and other general scumbags.

There are three bad guys possessed in each book, all mostly unrelated to one another. In this book, the first two were very enjoyable stories with very evil men. So it was fun to see the main character work out how to foil their plans and send them to an early grave.

The third story is where the book falls down. The main character jumps into the body of a psychologist, who isn’t a nice guy, but isn’t on the same scale as the first two baddies.

In general, this story just felt confusing and muddled to me. Dan meets a lot of people, tries to figure them out and then is on to someone else who’s shouting at him. There were answers, but they didn’t feel satisfying to me.

The Jenkins Cycle books are like crime books, where the main character becomes the criminal himself. Which is a great take on the genre. I think there’s a lot of promise in the series, and weak third story aside, I very much enjoyed the rest of the book.

Overall, I give Fool’s Ride 3/5 stars (4/5 on Amazon), meaning I liked it.

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