Review of Forgotten Ones by Crissy Moss

Forgotten OnesFirst, a confession, I’m in the same online writers’ group as Crissy Moss. So anything I say in my review may be coloured by that fact. I’ll try to be as honest as possible in my review, but I thought it was important to point that out before I start.


“Forgotten Ones” is the story of the three fates in modern times. If you’re not familiar, the three fates are from Greek mythology. They were meant to be three old women who shared a single eye. They wove the fates of men and gods, deciding who lived and who died.

“Forgotten Ones” transports the three fates to modern times, where they are working for the Vatican as ancient god hunters. The fates now inhabit the bodies of mortal women and can die and be reborn into a new body.

When we join the story, Maylin has just been found a few months before. Maylin is the fate of the present, who can change the fabric of the world to suit herself. Her mentor, Jadina, is the fate of the past, who can see the past of anyone. Back in the Vatican, trapped in a private apartment, is Amanda, the fate of the future, who can see the things to come.

I’ll start with the positives. Crissy Moss is an exceptional writer. She can draw you into the story with vivid descriptions and great world-building. She’s very talented, and you get a lot out of reading one of her stories.

Small BitesI previously read Small Bites by Crissy Moss, which is a collection of short stories. I very much enjoyed that collection. Crissy can weave a great tale in a very short period of time.

Both “Small Bites” and “Forgotten Ones” are unique reading experiences. Crissy has her own story-telling perspective that’s very effective. When you’re reading her books, you’re reading something that hasn’t been covered before in quite the same way.

Overall, I’d recommend both books, but if you’re new to Crissy’s writing, I’d say to start with “Small Bites”. Click on the book cover to the right and it will take you straight to the Amazon page for it. Grab a copy today and get ready for a great reading experience.

Before you read “Forgotten Ones”, however, I do have some negatives I’d like to go over.

Firstly, and most importantly, there are a lot of spelling and grammar errors in the book. I normally do my best to ignore them in indie books, as it’s very expensive to hire an editor, and I understand that not everyone has that kind of money. However, there is at least one spelling or grammar error on every page of the book. In quite a few cases, the book alternates between the correct use of your and you’re and back to the incorrect use.

I do my best to ignore spelling and grammar errors, but they happened so often that I was pulled completely out of the story and had to re-immerse myself all over again. I was determined to finish the book and review it, so I persisted. If I was an average reader, I may well have given up a lot earlier.

The second negative I have, is that the book is very slow. It’s novella length, but even so, things take a long time. I think that the author was trying to fill pages instead of getting in and out. The reason I enjoyed Crissy’s short stories so much, is that they had a clear idea behind them, a solid world and usually a twist at the end. “Forgotten Ones” spends a lot of time with people talking to each other.

Jadina and Maylin, particularly, talk a lot about all the gods and demons they fought in the past. They don’t go into any detail, other than mentioning ichor and sewers, but I often thought, “Why aren’t we seeing that, instead of hearing about it?”

I think that this novella would have been better as a novel. That might be surprising, since I just said that it was so slow, but I think that as a novel, it could have had a very different perspective. If you started with Maylin’s first mission and then showed a bunch of other missions, ending with the “big bad”, then I think the action would have helped balance out the necessary discussions.

I did enjoy this book. I would have loved it with a good edit. Not necessarily by a professional editor, but at least with a few more rounds of editing by the author. A mistake here and there can be overlooked, multiple mistakes per page cannot.

I give “Forgotten Ones” 3/5 stars on my blog and 4/5 on Amazon, which equates to “Liked it” in my book.

As an author, I think Crissy Moss is one to watch. Her writing style is exceptional. I’ve read a bunch of indie books, and in terms of story telling, Crissy is close to the level of Piers Anthony (Whom she mentions in her author’s note). I think she just needs a solid plan for a book before starting and a few more rounds of spell-checking after finishing. If she does that, she may well end up as successful as Piers Anthony is.

You can pick up a copy of “Forgotten Ones” here, or “Small Bites” here.


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