Review of “Intimate Congress” by Gregory Lynn

HemogoblinsI’ve become friends with a lot of authors since first publishing The Bite on the Line. We’ve all found each other through a mutual admiration for the Self-Publishing Podcast. And over the last couple of years, I’ve read a lot of indie books. After all, when I become friends with someone online whose written a book, I want to check out what they’ve written.

In the possibly dozens of books I’ve read, I’ve given up on ninety percent of them. Now, the authors I know aren’t alone in that. I give up on probably ninety percent of books I read. And the main reason I do is boredom.

The second most common reason is technical issues, but those can be solved easily with an editor. Boredom is a more difficult problem to fix.

I’ve just done a quick analysis between books I’ve enjoyed and ones I haven’t, and I think the difference is in the ratio of filler to juicy content.

I’ve mentioned before Cenk Ugyur’s VIMS (Violence, Intrigue, Mystery, Sex) and added Humour into the mix. However, I think that it’s not just those that are important, but how often they occur. In the books I’ve enjoyed that I just checked, there is little world building when compared to action. In the books I’ve given up on, there are long paragraphs of description with bits of action in between.

For instance, I gave up on Lord of the Rings. I think even the strongest supporters of those books would have to admit that they are a little long-winded. Which is why I also think my own metric for whether a book is interesting is highly subjective.

With all that being said, I’m a fan of the Hemogoblins books so far. At different points in the story they’ve had everything from VIMSH but sex. The stories keep moving in a witty, banterish manner and the main character, Hobbes, is easy to like. He’s not too smart. He rushes in rather than thinking things through, but he’s still a likeable narrator.

Overall, I give Intimate Congress 4/5 stars (5/5 on Amazon), with one star taken off just because this feels like a part of a greater story rather than a stand-alone.


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