Review of “Iterate and Optimize” by Sean Platt & Johnny B Truant With David Wright

iterateandoptimizeI’ve been following the Self Publishing Podcast guys since 2012, through their early days to their best-seller status today. Their original book, Write Publish Repeat, detailed their journey up to that point and their best tips at the time. This book, Iterate and Optimize is an update to their journey and how they’ve been improving their process since.

One thing I’ve realised in watching them on their weekly podcast, is just how smart they are. All of that didn’t come in a day, a week, or a month. Which is where the title of this book comes in. They’ve been iterating and optimising their process as they go, little by little, until their processes reached the stage they are today.

If you’re a listener to the podcast, a lot of what’s discussed in the book has already been covered on the show. However, it is a great book for triggering thoughts on how to improve your own self-publishing business. Or at least it did for me.

Some of what they discuss in this book will only apply if you’re a lot further in your writing career than I am. The ideal reader for the book would be someone who’s a little bit behind where they are, but not too far (perhaps someone who is already full-time and earning a living with their writing). But anyone further behind can still pick up aspirational tips for what they can do further down the line.

Overall, if you’re a writer, this is a highly recommended addition to a growing number of “how to” writing books on the market. It won’t change the game, if you’ve read a lot of other, similar books, but it will inspire you to improve your own process in little ways.

I give Iterate and Optimize 4/5 stars (5/5 on Amazon), meaning that I really liked it. You can pick up a copy here:



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