Review of “Salute of the Jugger”

Juggers12Last week on The Pundit Podcast, Mike and I discussed my guilty pleasure movies. The films that I like, despite knowing they’re not all that good.

One of the movies on that list was Salute of the Jugger, an 80s post-apocalyptic sports movie starring Rutger Hauer. It had been over fifteen years since I’d watched it, so I wanted to give it another look and see if it was still as good as I remembered.

It was one of a few video tapes we had in the house when I was in my early twenties, so we watched it quite a few times. I can still remember my brother Ben saying “Your quicks a good ‘un” over and over.

And it held up, when I finally managed to find a copy to watch. Of course, I’m a sucker for sports underdog movies and post-apocalyptic movies, so a combination of the two doesn’t have to do much to make me happy. However, I think the world they created for the movie, the characters and the sport are all vivid and believable.

This is far from a deep movie. However as a couple of hours of entertainment, it’s very watchable. Check out my video review below.


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3 thoughts on “Review of “Salute of the Jugger”

  1. I haven’t watched that in over twenty years.

    I remember some of my friends and I planning to go to a live-roleplay event as a Jugger team, but (un)fortunately nothing came of it.

    • Latex on a flexible core; so you would feel it if someone really put muscle in, but you can look like you are going all out without even bruising.

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