Review of “Smartcuts” by Shane Snow

SmartcutsI’m a sucker for pop science books like Malcolm Gladwells, and “Smartcuts” falls firmly into that camp. Telling the story of how the most influential people look at things differently than the rest of us, this book breaks down in nine steps the ways to bring about 10X changes to business and innovation.

Each of Snow’s steps make a lot of sense, and there are several sections where he undercuts the traditional view on a subject. For example, having an incredible mentor doesn’t necessarily help someone to achieve more in their life.

My favourite, I have to say, is the idea of going back to first principles. The example Snow gives in the book is of horses just before cars came out. People at the time were trying to breed even faster horses, then the car went back to the initial principle of moving quickly to a destination, and horses lost ground.

This is a book that will have you scribbling notes about ways you can innovate your own work. As such, I’d highly recommend it. I give it 5/5 stars, and I loved it.

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