Review of “The Girl at the End of the World” by Richard Levesque

The girl at theThe Girl at the End of the World was another Immerse or Die discovery for me. I’ve found that the books Jefferson Smith recommends always tend to be worth a look.

This particular book is about the end of the world (appropriate for a post-apocalyptic novel). Spores are erupting from people’s nasal cavities, killing them in the process. Only 15-year-old Scarlett Fisher seems to be immune, and now she’s all alone.

The Girl at the End of the World does what I enjoy most in a novel, it never stays still for long. The action is pretty much non-stop and Levesque has a great sense for how to increase the action while keeping things realistic. All of the characters were well rounded and believable, especially Scarlett.

As a genre, I’ve become a little tired of post-apocalyptic novels and shows, but Levesque shows that it still has life, if the story is told with an engaging style.

There are a lot of similarities to The Girl with All the Gifts that I also read recently. I would say that The Girl at the End of the World doesn’t quite have the depth that Gifts does. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable novel and well worth a read, but with no great message behind it.

Overall, I give The Girl at the End of the World 4/5 stars (5/5 on Amazon) and would recommend it if you want a quick, apocalyptic read.

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