Review of “The Human Division” by John Scalzi

TheHumanDivisionI’m a big, big Scalzi fan. When I first read Old Man’s War years ago, I was so happy I’d found a new voice in science-fiction that I loved to read. I read Lock In earlier this year and enjoyed it. While it had its flaws, it was still overall a very enjoyable read.

I think The Human Division might be the first Scalzi book that I didn’t actively enjoy. That’s not to say that it’s unenjoyable either. It just falls somewhere in the ‘okay’ range of things.

The book is a series of episodes following a B team of diplomatics in the Colonial Union. Since the events of the third OMW book, tensions are running high between the Colonial Union and Earth, as well as the hundreds of alien species surrounding human space.

Each episode covers a different problem facing the characters, along with their attempts to fix the issues and help the Colonial Union. The trouble was that they all seemed to be revealing pieces of a large conspiracy, but it never resolves itself. I’ve read in the product description for The End of All Things that that book is the one that actually resolves the stories from this book. Unfortunately, that’s not very satisfying. To read about a mystery and not find out whodunnit at the end leaves me hanging until the next book comes out.

I’m thrilled Scalzi has signed a long term contract with Tor, as some of his books are just sublime, but this is unfortunately not one of them. I give The Human Division 2/5 stars (3/5 on Amazon), meaning that it was okay.

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