Review of “Untimed” by Andy Gavin

UntimedI grabbed a copy of Untimed after reading about it over on Jefferson Smith’s Immerse or Die. For anyone not familiar with Immerse or Die, Jefferson Smith reads books on his treadmill and sees how long they keep him immersed. He’s very hard on books and will drop them for any style or story issues, so for a book to last the full forty minutes means it has to be almost flawless.

Which is a good way to describe Untimed, it’s an impeccably written and highly entertaining time travel book. Charlie, the hero, travels back in time to London three hundred years ago and has to try to survive in the cutthroat world of the day.

Charlie and Yvaine are great characters and I was engaged from start to finish in this book. It took me about a week to read, which since I’m such a slow reader means that I was reading it in almost all of my free time.

I was a little worried that the book was going to end on a cliff-hanger as I approached the close of the book. The book has a series name (Rules of the Regulator) and I began to worry that I’d be left hanging.

Personally, I understand why authors use cliff-hangers. They do encourage readers to buy the next book. But I’ve begun to avoid books that potentially might have a cliff-hanger, because I just want to read a complete tale from start to finish without having to wait a decade for it to be complete.

Untimed walks the line perfectly, ending with more to do, but no horrendous cliff-hanger. Everything in the story is wrapped up neatly.

Overall, Untimed isn’t life changing. It’s a very solid action book with great characters and ideas in it. I give the book 4/5 stars (5/5 on Amazon), meaning I really liked it.


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