Reviewers Read For Free

UnquietCover72Calling all reviewers! I’ve just launched a new members’ area for reviewers called the Reviewers List which gives anyone who leaves regular reviews access to all of my books absolutely free. All that you need to do to keep access to the members’ area is to leave the occasional honest review:

Not only are all of my books up there completely free, but also the complete first season of Greenstar and Dave Higgins’s book, An Unquiet Calm. If you’re in the mood for some dark fantasy, horror and sci-fi, go check out An Unquiet Calm for free!

To reiterate: if you’re willing to write a sentence or two on Amazon, Goodreads, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble or any other major e-book retailer, you can read absolutely free.

I’ve been wanting to do something for a while to reward my regular reviewers, since their reviews are what help to sell my books and I think this is it. Remember, the reviews don’t have to be positive, just honest, to retain access to the Reviewers List:


Get Into The Action

For a limited time, I'm giving away the first two books in the Bytarend Fantasy series and the Hard Vacuum science fiction series for free.

Bytarend is fast, fun fantasy that'll have you on the edge of your seat. Hard Vacuum is hard-talking, violent science fiction and my tribute to 80s action movies.

Grab all four books for free: