Sherlock Season 3, Episode 2

SherlockWARNING: Spoilers for Sherlock Season 3, Episode 2

This was a very fun episode. At the start, I was wondering whether we were going to get a fragmented episode like the previous one, but this was far better organised.

The episode centres around Watson’s wedding to Mary. Watson has chosen Holmes to be the best man – a decision that Mrs Hudson and Lestrade think may be too much for Sherlock. At the start, he certainly seems to flounder when he’s meant to give the toast. Once he gets to discussing previous cases, though, he gets into the swing of things.

We get flashes of various cases Holmes and Watson have worked on, all of which are intriguing. I guess you’d have to read the books to find out the actual details, as we only get a flash of each one.

Holmes finally goes into more detail in the case of a guardsman who is stabbed in a locked shower room. He’s been stabbed in the side, while the door to the shower was locked. I had no clue how that had been done. To be honest, I have my doubts about the actual method, but I’ll get on to that in a moment.

The next case is one where a woman has been dating a ghost. She spends a pleasant evening with a man, but when she goes back to see him again, the landlord says he died a week before. Holmes investigates this through the Internet, with the conversation taking place in his head. That the women have all had dinner with a ghost and are all connected to Sholto seems suspicious to me. Wouldn’t they have talked to each other about the ghost dinner?

If they work together, wouldn’t at least one of them have mentioned a ghost dinner to at least one of the others. I thought that was a bit of a plot hole there.

Sherlock works out that the women are all connected to someone at the wedding and by means of elimination discovers it’s Sholto. Sholto goes to his room to get his gun.

Holmes works out the means of murder. A knife stab through the tightly fastened belt around Sholto’s waist. The belt is meant to have kept everything stable until Sholto takes it off later.

This seems a little odd. In order to kill Sholto, the murderer would have to have had a pretty long blade. Would he really not have felt the stabbing? Just how tight is that belt? And the stabbing wouldn’t have caused internal bleeding? The belt might have kept the skin pinned together, but he stood and sat a few times. Wouldn’t his internal organs have moved around?

If the stabbing didn’t reach his organs, then it wouldn’t have killed him. I just thought it was a bit of a stretch.

However, I very much enjoyed the episode despite it’s flaws. The interpersonal interactions between Holmes, Watson and Mary were funny and enjoyable. It felt more like the first two seasons than the previous episode did. I especially liked the way that the seemingly unconnected cases pulled together at the end.

Holmes’s speech and waltz were touching. Unlike other sociopaths, he seems to deeply care about Watson. He might seem cavalier at times, but he loves his friend.

As Holmes, Watson and Mary were charging up the stairs to talk to Sholto, I thought that perhaps Holmes isn’t losing a partner so much as gaining another.


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