Sherlock Season 3, Episode 3

WARNING: Spoilers for Sherlock Season 3, Episode 3

SherlockAnother season of Sherlock draws to a close. Firstly, some good news. It seems like we might not have as long to wait until the next season. The Sun newspaper in the UK has said that the BBC is trying to put together at least a Christmas special for the end of 2014.

Which is good, because Sherlock has ended on a cliff-hanger yet again. However, I’ll save my thoughts about that for a little later.

This episode was incredibly twisty and turny. I have to admit, I didn’t see most of the twists coming. Firstly, the most surprising was Mary Watson being a secret agent. What could have felt hackneyed and forced, actually worked fairly well. My only problem with it, which wasn’t addressed, was why she married John.

If it was just coincidental that she married John, then I thought there should have been some mention of that fact. If she married John to get closer to Sherlock, then I thought that too should have been mentioned. From the resolution of John and Mary’s argument, I’m guessing it was the former, but a sentence confirming that fact might have been nice.

This episode also reinforced Watson’s obsession with excitement. At the start, he storms a drug den in search of his neighbour’s wayward son. That was a fun twist too, when the drug addict in the next bed turns out to be Sherlock.

I liked the introduction of Bill Wiggins, too. I haven’t read much of the Sherlock Holmes books, but I’ve read enough that I was familiar with his name. The fact that he is almost as good as Sherlock at deductions was great.

Magnussen was a repellant individual. He takes great pleasure in flicking at everyone he meets. Using his power over them to do whatever he wishes. As a nemesis, though, he isn’t a patch on Moriarty. As Magnussen himself says at the end of the episode, he’s just a businessman, collecting assets.

I saw the shot coming at the end, of course, but I think it was fairly telegraphed. Sherlock even doubles down on the action, asking just one more time if the vaults don’t actually exist.

Overall, the episode was excellent. It seems like every season of Sherlock has one episode like this where the writers pull out all the stops. The show is a step or two ahead sometimes, and I find myself struggling to keep a handle on what’s going on.

Finally, Moriarty has returned. It was inevitable, of course. Sherlock’s greatest nemesis needs to go on. I’m guessing he’ll continue beyond the grave by having planned out steps that others will perform. An alternative would be that Moriarty has a protege of some kind. I hope he’s not actually alive, at least. That would undercut the end of season two quite a bit.

Sherlock is a show that always leaves you wanting more. I understand that the two leads are now big movie stars, but you’d wonder if they couldn’t put together a few more episodes in each season. I wouldn’t want it to turn into an American season, with twenty-two episodes, but five or six wouldn’t go amiss.

I hope Sherlock does return at the end of this year. I’ll be glued to the television if it does.


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