StoryCartel results

A month ago, I submitted my first book, “The Bite on the End of the Line” to StoryCartel. Since then, 26 people downloaded the book. My hopes, as I said in a previous blog post, were to get 2 reviews, or 10% of the downloads. I got one review out of the process, which is a little under 5% of the downloads. However, since it’s a five star review, I’m very happy with the process anyway.

Reviews seem to be the most difficult thing for a new author to get, so I thought I’d give a break-down on what I’ve tried so far:

Author Marketing Club’s review grabber tool

This didn’t work for me, at least. I sent off copies to around 50 of the top reviewers on Amazon and got no review. I think the top reviewers on Amazon get requests for reviews every day, so might not get to an unknown author’s book.

This is a website where you upload the first couple of hundred words of your novel and people rate it. If your book is rated highly enough, it gets elevated and you can submit a few pages. My experience with this is that it’s very slow. I rated 26 other works and it’s taken 3 months to get 9 ratings in return.


I might just know the least literary people on the planet. I write books faster than most people I know read. So no reviews there. My book was out in June, people might finish reading it sometime in 2015.


I’ve been using my Twitter feed to post mini fictions. ie. A little taste of some fiction. They do get favourited quite often, but no-one follows. I’m happy enough with this, however, as it’s good practice to write such short prose.

Story Cartel

One book submitted and 1 review, so I’m happy with that.

Personal connections

A guy my wife chats to online read and reviewed the book for the Amazon UK site and gave it 5 stars.


So, if and when I get reviews, they’ve been good so far, but it’s difficult to get them. However, since I’ve now gotten the first review on the US and UK Amazon sites, I’m happy to now stop pushing and work on my books instead.


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