NGW Podcast: The Most Interesting Characters

In this week’s episode, Dave and Simon talk about characters. Why do some characters stick out and others just blend into the background? What separates a cardboard character from someone who seems real? Find out our thoughts in the podcast.

NGW Podcast: Creating Time to Write

In this episode, Ed and Simon are joined by special guest, Kevin Tumlinson! Kevin is the author of the “Dan Kotler”, “Citadel Trilogy”, “Sawyer Jackson”, and “Think Tank” series, along with being the Director of Marketing at Draft2Digital. Phew. If you want to know how to create time to write ask a busy person. Kevin…

NGW Podcast: Being a Superfan and a Creator

In this week’s episode, Dave, Ed, and Simon are joined by special guest Garrett Robinson. We talk about being a superfan while also being a creator. When you’re a massive fan of a series, it’s easy to get lost in everything around it. Fans write their own stories in the world, speculate on the people…

The Nitty Gritty Writing Podcast: Leitmotifs

In this episode, Dave and Simon talk about the Wagnerian concept of Leitmotifs, and how they might relate to fiction. They also brainstorm a few ideas for breaking genre. Check out the video or audio for more.

Legendary Author Battles Episode 9 – Misha Burnett vs Simon Cantan

You can see a transcript of the battle over here. This week, Misha Burnett and I do battle in drug ravaged Mexico. Two women with mysterious motives face off in the desert. Who is going to walk away? Make sure to check out Misha’s blog over here. And check out Misha’s books here on Amazon.…