NGW Podcast: The Most Interesting Characters

In this week’s episode, Dave and Simon talk about characters. Why do some characters stick out and others just blend into the background? What separates a cardboard character from someone who seems real? Find out our thoughts in the podcast.

The Nitty Gritty Writing Podcast: Putting a New Spin on an Old Idea

In this episode, Dave and Simon talk about putting a new spin on an overused idea. Zombies, vampires, superheroes, and a lot more besides have been done to death. Is there any way to write a story in those genres anymore without being boring and unoriginal? Check out the video or audio for our tips!

The Nitty Gritty Podcast: Coming up with great ideas

This week, Dave and I talk about how we come up with ideas for stories and twists. Idea generation is a difficult subject, as they tend to spring to mind from whereabouts unknown. As Dave mentions in the podcast, trying to force them to happen rarely works. Check out the audio or video for our…