Pundit Podcast #38: Marvel at Jessica Jones

In this week’s episode of the Pundit Podcast, Mike and I discuss the first three episodes of Netflix’s Jessica Jones, which we’re both enjoying so far. We also talk about our gaming backlog (or lack thereof), and the latest Jon Snow news. Check out the video or audio for more!

Pundit Podcast #31: Sweet Medley of Things

This week on the Pundit Podcast, Mike and I discuss a huge grab-bag of things, including Netflix’s push to become a global website, Con-Man, Westworld and much, much more.

Narcos Season 1 Review

Netflix continues to turn out fascinating new series with Narcos, the story of the Colombian drug cartels in the 80s. They’re fast becoming the home of original, thought-provoking television. After news broke a couple of weeks ago that Netflix is going to focus on original content, I must say I won’t be disappointed if this…

Pundit Podcast #28: You Wouldn’t Steal a Car

In this episode of the Pundit Podcast, I get an education on legal responsibility. We also talk about Narcos and how awesome it is, piracy and how to fight it, and lots more besides. Check out the video and audio for more.  

Pundit Podcast #27: Netflix Focuses on Original Programming and That’s OK

In this episode of The Pundit Podcast, we discuss the new Netflix show Narcos, along with Hitman:Absolution and Gears of War. We also talk about the newly announced Netflix strategy of focusing on original programming at the expense of big Hollywood movies. Is it the right move? Check out the video and audio below to…

The Pundit Podcast #11: A Lot of GoT Spoilers

What’s that charging towards us? A wild podcast where Mike and I discuss Game of Thrones season five, episode four in detail, along with a lot of fan theories. Neither of us have read the books, so there aren’t any book spoilers, but there is a lot of speculation on where the series could be…