NGW Podcast: The Most Interesting Characters

In this week’s episode, Dave and Simon talk about characters. Why do some characters stick out and others just blend into the background? What separates a cardboard character from someone who seems real? Find out our thoughts in the podcast.

NGW Podcast: Does Language Influence Story Structure?

In this week’s episode, we¬†discuss how the language we speak and write in may influence the way we tell stories. We also talk about how centuries of culture may put boundaries on our writing. This week, we also said goodbye to Ed as a co-host. Ed needs to prioritise his family, so is stepping down…

NGW Podcast: How Much to Change a Real World Influence

In this episode, Dave and Simon talk about using a real world influence in your books and stories. How do avoid getting sued, or avoid insulting someone. Find out our thoughts in the podcast.

NGW Podcast: How to Improve Quickly

This week, Ed, Dave, and Simon initially start talking about “Regular Life vs Working Life”, but quickly go off on a tangent and talk about how to improve in the quickest way. All of us suffer from friends and family that love us too much. So much so that they won’t criticise us for risk…

NGW Podcast: Creating Time to Write

In this episode, Ed and Simon are joined by special guest, Kevin Tumlinson! Kevin is the author of the “Dan Kotler”, “Citadel Trilogy”, “Sawyer Jackson”, and “Think Tank” series, along with being the Director of Marketing at Draft2Digital. Phew. If you want to know how to create time to write ask a busy person. Kevin…

NGW Podcast: Force Multipliers

In this episode of the podcast, Dave and Simon talk about force multipliers. A force multiplier is a military term, referring to an something(s) that increase your effectiveness by a factor. In other words, something that turns you into the equivalent of two, three, or more other people. We discuss the factors writers can learn…

NGW Podcast: Style Makes All The Difference

In this episode, Dave and Simon talk about the difference style can make to a story. There are many aspects of style, including the author’s style and the elements that go into a story. Check out the podcast to find out our thoughts.