“The Avengers: Age of Ultron” Review

Avengers_Age_of_UltronAvengers: Age of Ultron is a movie I’ve been looking forward to watching and since it came out in the cinema. I didn’t like the first movie the first time I watched it, but on re-watching it I enjoyed a lot more. I’m not sure what the issue was the first time I saw it, but it’s a very enjoyable movie.

I did enjoy the Age of Ultron overall, but I must say that the overuse of CGI was kind of annoying. Particularly in the start of the movie, when it looked more like a cut scene from a video game. Computer-generated characters jumped around and hit computer-generated tanks in a way that made me almost regret buying the movie.

Once the CGI petered out, the movie picked up a lot however. The acting, the script, and the directing were all excellent. The story itself, about Tony Stark’s ego and need to constantly be right, was also very interesting.

There’s a problem which all of these movies have, which is that it’s difficult to challenge superheroes. After all, if they can’t be killed or even hurt, then who is able to fight them? Age of Ultron has an interesting protagonist, at least. I’ve seen it before, of course. I doubt anyone hasn’t seen a movie with an AI gone rogue at this stage. However I did like the character of Ultron.

There was quite a lot of funny dialogue, especially now that we don’t have to setup the characters any more. Each character has a somewhat unique perspective, and their own distinct character traits.

I’m glad that I bought movie on iTunes, since I can see re-watching this movie a couple more times. And I’ll certainly be recommending it to my teenage sons, as this will be right up their alley. My only criticism is the overuse of CGI. For me at least, anything that happens in CGI has no weight to it at all. It might as well be someone mashing two plastic toys together.

In spite of the CGI, however, I give Avengers: Age of Ultron four stars out of five (five out of five on Amazon) and would recommend it to anyone who likes over-the-top action.



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