“The Bite of Death” Now Available on Amazon

The Bite of Death (ebook)The Bite of Death” is now available on Amazon and Smashwords, with other stores to follow in the next week or so. This is extremely exciting for me, as the book was a lot of fun to write and I can’t wait for all of my readers to get their hands on it. I can’t wait to hear what all of you think.

Here’s a little teaser snippet from the book:

“Fine. Constable Friprys will show you where it is. Everyone else —” Osric broke off, staring down the tracks.

Tondbert followed his gaze and spotted her at once. A tall, slim, dark-skinned woman was striding her way up the tracks towards them. She stood out among the pale, red-headed immigrants. Her hair was short and dyed red. Her eyes locked on Tondbert’s, two pools of emotionless focus. Tondbert spotted more weapons arranged around her than the entire city guard put together. He knew she could only be a Murder Queen.

“Get back,” Tondbert called to the crowd. “Clear off the tracks.”

The immigrants scattered towards the town.

Tondbert drew his sword and strode for the Murder Queen. He knew his chances weren’t good, but he had to try.

The Murder Queen held her hand up as he got closer. “Not yet, Prince Tondbert.”

“You are here to kill me?” Tondbert asked. He noticed Osric and Gloria joining him, their weapons out.

“I’m Lila Deadwhisper, currently twenty-eighth among the Murder Queens and under contract for your death.”

“Brandon Barke sent you?” Tondbert asked.

Lila nodded. “King Brandon of Ministri, Latraio and Galt has paid a hefty price to see you dead.”

You can pick up a copy using these links on Amazon and Smashwords.

Amazon Smashwords

I’ll link to the other stores over here as soon as they become available: http://simoncantan.com/the-bite-of-death/


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