The Bite of Forest Dark is Now Available for Preorder

The Bite of Forest Dark (3D)After almost a year, the next book in the Bytarend series is in the process of being edited and will be out 1st March 2015. It’s available for preorder over here:

The book follows Jenni Styrm, Duchess of Bytarend and Caedin Tegart, the mayor appointed by Duke Hatchett to take the town back. It’s a battle of wits against might, with Tegart’s fifty soldiers cracking down hard on the people of Bytarend.

Tegart might well be the most evil villain I’ve ever written, as he does some despicable things in this book. However, as the book is also partly from his perspective, he also shows his wily side. He didn’t get to be mayor without knowing how to manipulate people.

For the preorder period, The Bite of Forest Dark is reduced to half-price. Grab a bargain and find out if Bytarend will stay free or fall into the clutches of the powerful:


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