The Bite of Monsters now available

The second book in my Bytarend series, “The Bite of Monsters”, is now available. The second book picks up a month after the events of the first book. Tondbert and Osric are now settled in as the city guard for Bytarend. They’ve been joined by two new recruits, Isabelle and Gloria who, after the resistance wasn’t needed any more, decided to join the guards and help out.

The two animal-leeches are still on the loose, so Tondbert and Isabelle are sent with Professor O’Neill and Kaylinn, to try to locate them out in the forest. They don’t find the animal-leeches, but they do find short, furry, cute creatures living in a nest in the deep woods.

It isn’t long after that people start dying in Bytarend. Could it possibly be the fuzzy, adorable animals Isabelle and Tondbert have discovered?

With a similar mix of humour and graphic violence to the first book, “The Bite of Monsters” continues the story of Bytarend in a thrilling novella that will have you on the edge of your chair until the last word.

This book has now been replaced by The Bite of Minds, which includes The Bite of Monsters. You can find it over here:



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