The Boondock Saints Review

The Boondock SaintsThis was a very strange film. While it had a lot to like, especially near the start, it also had some terrible elements too. What you can’t deny is it’s originality.

Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus star as non-identical twin brothers living in Boston. After a religious revelation, they set out to rid the city of criminals.

The movie is action-packed, with some very unique shoot outs. As the brothers get on the mafia’s radar, the stakes are raised. The brothers have to fight through increasingly desperate situations.

On their trail is Willem Dafoe as an FBI agent who can see a crime scene and instantly know what happened. Dafoe’s character is baffling. He’s gay, but he seems to hate gay people. He rants and raves as he describes a crime scene, pulling at his clothes and sweating profusely.

He has a number of policemen following him, one of whom is called Greenly (Played by Bob Marley – no, not that one). Greenly comes up with ludicrous theories about what’s happened at a crime scene and then gets shot down by Dafoe. Their back-and-forths were great fun.

After a few killings, the brothers are joined by Rocco. Rocco is a messenger for the mob. He’s their less competent accomplice who is constantly making mistakes.

While the action is a lot of fun, there were a few things that detracted from the movie, in my opinion. All of the action scenes are skipped over and then retold by Dafoe afterwards. This is alright for one or two scenes, but it quickly gets annoying. We get the brothers about to storm in somewhere, guns blazing and then we cut to the cops coming in. Dafoe then describes what’s happened and we see clips of the action.

It would have been far better to show the action and then just have Dafoe describe things without the clips.

The other major problem is Reedus’s accent. I’m pretty forgiving of a bad Irish accent. I didn’t mind Tom Cruise in Far and Away. The thing is, it needs to be consistent. If you’re going to do an accent, don’t do twenty accents and switch between them. As far as I could make out, the brothers were American too. Why didn’t they just use American accents and make their lives easier?

This is by no means a bad movie, it just has some flaws that detract from it overall. The ending is a particular weak point. It just seems like the writer didn’t know how to end it. I’d say to catch it on Netflix, but be prepared for some inconsistencies.


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