The Borgias Season 2, Episode 1 – The Borgia Bull

WARNING: Spoilers for The Borgias Season 2, Episode 1

The BorgiasMy wife and I like to watch period dramas together. Some are a little boring, like The White Queen, some are okay, like Pillars of Earth, and some sing like The Borgias.

We started watching The Borgias in the summer last year, when Netflix added it in Norway. We raced through to the end of season one and then were disappointed when we had to wait for season two. Well the wait is now over, season two has just been added to Netflix.

The first episode essentially expands upon a lot of the conclusions from the last season. We get to see Rodrigo on top of the world. At the start, he even has to juggle mistresses, in a fun game of hide the naked lady.

Cesare and Juan are at each others throats still, having a great sword fight in the middle of the papal barracks along with a close run horse race that Juan cheats to win. Cesare is obviously the character we’ve spent more time with, so we’re meant to root for him, but David Oakes brings a lot of life to Juan as well.

Meanwhile, down in Naples, the French King is deathly ill and searching for Prince Alfonso. He is convinced that Alfonso has unleashed a plague on his own city, just to defeat the King. He may well be right. The French also blame Pope Rodrigo, of which we’ve seen more evidence that he already knew about the plague before he sent the French there.

Rodrigo organises a festival to lift up the spirits of the population of Rome, which seems to work well from the cheering crowds in the streets. The main event, a burning bull is designed by Vittorio/Vittoria. Jemima West is just about the least convincing man ever. She wouldn’t fool a blind man on a dark night. It’s a suspension of disbelief I’m happy to take, though.

The first episode of the new season delivered on exactly what the slogan above for The Borgias says it will – Flesh and Blood. There’s sex and violence, along with a lot of intrigue. The revenge that both Rodrigo and the French King have sworn has my hopes up for another thrilling season.


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