The Borgias Season 2, Episode 2 – Paolo

WARNING: Spoilers for The Borgias Season 2, Episode 2

The BorgiasThe main event of this episode is right in the title. Paolo comes to Rome, to see Lucrezia and their son. He quickly finds a friend with one of the prostitutes of the city, Beatrice.

They track Lucrezia down easily enough, in the Vatican. Paolo goes up to talk to her and is attacked by Juan. Lucrezia intervenes and arranges to meet Paolo later that night.

Juan sees Lucrezia leave in the middle of the night and follows her. He pays a prostitute to spy for him.

Paolo and Lucrezia arrange to meet, with help from Cesare. Micheletto kills off Juan’s spy, but Paolo doesn’t fare very well anyway. He ends up hanging from a bridge, Juan’s arranged “suicide”.

This episode centered so much on Paolo and it wasn’t anything I cared about particularly. It wasn’t boring, it just wasn’t the political machinations of the Vatican or Europe at large, which interest me more.

I did like the few scenes with the Pope and Giulia, who go out in secret among the poor. The Pope is determined to help the poor and rid Rome of pigeons. He makes a friendly wager with Giulia that he can rid Rome of pigeons before she can solve poverty.

I liked the scene with Giulia schooling the cardinal on double-entry book-keeping. It’s fun to see her character develop. She’s obviously restricted to the Pope’s authority, but she seems to be learning how best to control him.

This wasn’t a bad episode. I just wasn’t all that invested in what happened.


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